Upper Lachlan Landcare Grazing for Growth project is about landholders coming together and sharing knowledge and experience to support and strengthen each other’s production system. Upper Lachlan Landcare has partnered with Mid Lachlan Landcare Facilitator Scott Hickman to establish a core grazing group and Grazing Advisory Board. Upper Lachlan Grazing Group is now off and running, hosting grazing meetings in 2017 and branching out on a bus tour in November 2017.

Grazing meetings generally involved a relaxed, round table discussion and a paddock walk. However other activities have included individual landholder meetings, shared meal at the local pub and a bus tour to visit nearby properties in Canowindra, Murringo and Mandurama where production systems can be explored and discussed.

Our Grazing Advisory Board provide direction and input into the activities we run. Members range in experience and land size to give a broad perspective and ensure our approach is relevant and purposeful. Our aim is to deliver activities that support prosperous, enjoyable and regenerative production systems.

Upper Lachlan Landcare’s Grazing Group has quickly developed a robust and open atmosphere. New ideas have been presented, knowledge shared, connections created and plenty of laughs had! We welcome long time establish producers along with introductory landholders, and everything in between. This inclusive group is about supporting, growing and sharing. Oh, and having a good time!

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