Seeking better outcomes for graziers, their landscapes & finances.

The Grazing Group is a network of Upper Lachlan Graziers who come together to share ideas, knowledge, and experience. We support land management practices that deliver better outcomes emotionally, environmentally, and economically.

  • Emotionally we encourage proactive, balanced decision making and action taking. This helps transfer a degree of control from the elements to the grazier.
  • Environmentally we support practices that acknowledge, value, and enhance the natural capital of our landscape.
  • Economically we support profitable systems and encourage realistic evaluation of expenditure.

Everyone is welcome! We host a friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere. Members represent a variety of grazing strategies and scales, with discussions focused around profitably improving landscape health. By learning from each other and sharing experiences, we encourage and facilitate landscape first thinking. We recognise healthy landscapes support resilient grazing systems and produce nutritious food and fibre.

Some basic principles we encourage members to consider are:

  • Adjusting stock numbers to suit conditions
  • Aiming for 100% ground cover 100% of the time
  • Grazing the 20 to 10cm zone of pastures
  • Aiming for a quick even graze, followed by adequate recovery
  • Encouraging perennial pastures and diversity

Our Values: Inclusive, Supportive, Stimulating
Our Purpose: To encourage and support movement towards more regenerative land management, acknowledging the diversity of participants, their aims, and skills.
Our Focus: To better prepare and adapt for the challenges that lay ahead.

We host:

  • seasonal meetings discussing topical themes
  • guest speakers and training workshops
  • farm tours, local and regional
  • individual farm visits for more focused discussions
  • a supportive and connected network of like-minded people

 See some of our short movies below or contact P: 0447 242 474 E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.