Upper Lachlan Landcare was formed by the Upper Lachlan Catchment Coordinating Committee Inc. to support Landcare activity in the Upper Lachlan Region and acts as the umbrella Landcare Group for the 11 Landcare Groups of the Upper Lachlan catchment.

By employing a part time Landcare coordinator Upper Lachlan Landcare is able to assist the local groups with events, projects, funding applications and brokering partnerships with Government and other agencies.


Upper Lachlan Catchment Coordinating Committee ULCCC

Upper Lachlan Catchment Coordinating Committee Inc. (ULCCC) and Upper Lachlan Landcare Network.

The ULCCC was formed in 1994 to address the natural resource management issues of the Upper Lachlan Region.

Meetings of the group provide a forum for Landcare groups, government agencies, local government, and community organisations to discuss and share ideas about natural resource management in the Upper Lachlan catchment.

The committee is made up of members of the various Landcare groups within the region and currently employs a part time Landcare Coordinator.

The committee

Chair- Vince Heffernan (Gunning District Landcare Inc.)

Vice Chairs – Nerida Croker (Fullerton/Hadley Landcare Inc); Jenny Bell (Breadalbane Community Landcare Inc.)

Minutes Secretary – Janet Heffernan (Gunning District Landcare Inc.)

Treasurer- Deb Macpherson (Breadalbane Community Landcare Inc.)

Public Officer- Deb Macpherson (Breadalbane Community Landcare Inc.)

Upper Lachlan Shire Council Representative; CLR James Wheelwright

Local Land Services Representative; Mark Lettfuss

Landcare Representatives: Gillian Malcolm (Breadalbane Community Landcare Inc.); John Mitchell (Roslyn Landcare Inc.); Brian and Narelle Bulmer (Peelwood/Limerick/Tuena Landcare); John Brennan (Crooked Corner/ Mulgowrie Landcare); Martin Croker (Fullerton Hadley Landcare Inc.); Russell Erwin (Heffernans Creek Landcare); Barry Murphy (Kiamma Creek Landcare); Rod Edwards (Breadalbane Community Landcare Inc.); Sean Proudman (Grabine/Foggs Crossing Landcare); Andrew Lindner (Narrawa Landcare).


Strategic Plan

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