Welcome to Upper Lachlan Landcare

Upper Lachlan Landcare is a collective organisation made up of the Landcare groups of the Upper Lachlan region of NSW. The Upper Lachlan Landcare committee is known as the Upper Lachlan Catchment Coordinating Committee, or ULCCC. Its purpose is to facilitate the development of Natural Resource Management and sustainable agriculture in the Upper Lachlan catchment and to represent Landcare at the Regional (South East) and State level (Landcare NSW). We partner with South East Local Land Services, Upper Lachlan Shire Council, other Government bodies and non-government organisations such as Greening Australia.

  • A harmonious optimistic community that is able to achieve its goals of good pastures, healthy stock, and diversity of wildlife and trees

    Breadalbane Plains L G

  • Working together to make a healthy, productive and profitable environment for future generations

    Crooked Corner L G

  • To provide a sustainable environment compatible with productivity

    Fullerton/Hadley LG

Grazing for Growth

The Upper Lachlan Grazing for Growth Project is about producers getting together, sharing and learning from each other’s grazing knowledge and experiences.


Summer Seminar Series

Come the long summer days, we get together for an interesting seminar, meet some new people, share a meal and enjoy good company.


Landscape Repair

Low cost and effective erosion control. Slowing the flow of water as it moves through the landscape, hydrating your property and nourishing the vegetation.


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