These Summer Seminars were kicked off in February 2017. Upper Lachlan Landcare hosted a community evening, open to everyone, with an interesting speaker, a delicious meal and an opportunity to meet someone new, or renew a relationship.

Topics for 2017 included community gardening. Speaker Sarah Anderson shared her experiences of traveling overseas with a young family and moving from farm to farm working and producing nutritious food. This journey bought Sarah and her family back to Australia to establish their own market garden. But Sarah’s adventures didn’t end there. She then turned her attention to the local school. Even though initial interest from the school was low, Sarah pushed on to establish a very successful school vegetable garden. Over the short span of a year, Sarah’s gardening program became the highlight of the students week. And the school’s enthusiasm has risen dramatically with engaged teachers and parents keen to contribute.

Local girl, Robyn Alders, told some fascinating tales of life in Africa developing a suitable system of delivery of the Newcastle disease vaccine to village chickens. Robyn spoke of the important role chickens hold in village life and the satisfaction she found working on such a worthwhile project. Robyn also shared some vey interesting insights into nutritional value of food and the impacts on overall national health and nutrition. We were also very fortunate to have Bill Johnson, District Vet with Local Land Services on hand to deliver a very informative talk on backyard chicken health.

We are looking forward to more of these events in 2018. Keep an eye on our website, or subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you are kept up to date!

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