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What Comes Up After the Rain Comes DOWN

Recently Upper Lachlan Landcare members might have been feeling stiff in the neck. They have been looking down into their pastures, and apart from assessing their feed, they have also been spotting unfamiliar plants.

With prolonged drought, excessive summer heat and grazing pressure from livestock and wildlife alike, most paddock have areas of bare ground. One truism is that nature abhors a vacuum, so bare ground doesn’t stay bare for long. ‘Colonisers’ are plants that grow rapidly on bare soil as the first step in a long process of mobilising nutrients, aerating compacted soil, and improving overall conditions for more desirable species to grow.

Without doubt, weeds serve a purpose in preparing the ground for something better to grow. However certain weed species need to be controlled from the moment they peek their annoying little shoots out of the ground. Such as Chilean Needle Grass, African Lovegrass, Coolatai Grass to name a few culprits.

To enable effective control the first and very important step is identification. Some weeds closely resemble desirable native plants, including pasture species. No one has the time and energy to spend killing the wrong plant!

ULL members spent a week scanning their pastures for plants they needed identified. With Covid-19 restrictions, members emailed in photos of their plants for identification by expert consultant Alison Elvin. With a firm identification they are able to set an effective management plan in place.

Other great sources of support include;

Remember the old slogan, “Be a good neighbour, control serrated tussock!”, the 2020 version could be, “Be a good neighbour, control all noxious weeds”!

For more information contact; Ruth Aveyard 0447 242 474 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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