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What’s the query about Q fever

The Q in Q fever stands for query. And once upon a time this disease was a big query. Now we know it is caused by a bacterium. We know it is carried by mainly cattle, sheep and goats, however other animals are also potential carriers. We know the time of most risk is when a carrying animal gives birth. We know the bacteria can survive in the soil for years and are blown around on dusty days. We know most people recover from Q fever, especially with antibiotics, however a small proportion of people develop a chronic, long term condition that for some becomes life threatening. We know Australia has one of the highest reported rates of Q fever in the world.

So no more queries!

It is important we are all aware of the risks so we can take steps to protect ourselves. Wear a P2 mask, and gloves, especially when in the vicinity of animals giving birth. Wash hands after handling animals. And the most reliable is to get vaccinated.

Recently Upper Lachlan Landcare teamed up with other local groups to raise awareness about Q fever locally. We hosted 2 information sessions with Local Land Services District Vet Dr Henry Clutterbuck, who knows all there is to know about Q fever, having recently completed a research project on the subject. Both sessions were very informative and received support from Primary Health Networks Coordinare Program, NSW Farmers, CWA Evening and Day Branch, Upper Lachlan Shire Council, Crookwell Library, Marima Health Centre and Gunning District Community and Health Service. It is uplifting to know how many local groups are concerned for the good health of their local community.

Upper Lachlan Landcare has also produced a Local Services Guide, listing local GPs registered to provide the Q fever vaccine. Please get in contact if you would like a copy.

For more information contact; Ruth Aveyard 0447 242 474 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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