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The “Who’s Living On My Land?” project is run by the National Parks Association of NSW (NPA NSW), a not-for-profit and non-government conservation organisation and a lead partner of the Great Eastern Ranges initiative.  The project is supported by a grant from the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, through a funding from the NSW Environmental Trust. One of the main objective of our project is to engage landholders to use infrared motion detection cameras to document the presence/absence of native and pest animal species on their land. A non-toxic lure (made up to peanut butter, rolled oats with a small amount of honey and fish sauce) is used to attract the animal species to the camera site. The lure is encased in a plastic PVC pipe cap and secured to the ground with tent pegs.




So how does this all work?

To start, just get in touch with NPA NSW to express your interest to participate. Following this, we will provide you with an infrared camera, the first set of batteries, the necessary materials to set up the lure station (e.g. lure, tent pegs, PVC pipe cap) along with instructions and data sheets to start your survey today. You will then set up the camera and leave it operating continuously for a period of 14 days. Upon completion, the camera is mailed back to us where all the images will be thoroughly checked and identified. Finally, you will receive feedback and results of your survey efforts giving you a first-hand insight of what is living on your land!



Geetha Ortac, Project Officer

National Parks Association of NSW

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Office: 02 9299 0000

Mobile: 0432 959 449 (personal)